tailored to your needs


1 on 1

individual focus and attention


private groups

learn together and support each other

what to expect


What can I expect in a 1:1 session?

I always spend the first session getting to know each individual’s climbing. I want to get to know your motivation and how you climb.

Things I am looking for in this initial assessment include: dominant movement patterns, overall movement literacy, body awareness, habits, mindset and head game. I am looking for the areas that will lead to the greatest progress for you. 

I will then plan our session/s accordingly.

What can I expect in a private group session?

What this looks like will depend on your preferences. My recommended formats are

1) Private coaching (best suited for 2-3 persons): Movement assessment and addressing individual needs. This is similar to 1:1 coaching with an added focus on how to support each other to climb better.

2) Workshops (best suited for larger groups): Focused on a topic, we will cover theory and practice, with plenty of individualised feedback throughout.

I recommend at least 2 hours for a group session. 

What level do I need to be climbing at to get coaching?

Everyone who is interested is welcome, regardless of level of experience.

Whether you are working towards a goal, pursuing general improvement, or interested in learning about climbing for its own sake, I am here to support you.

How often should I have coaching sessions?

This is entirely up to you. What to expect:

Weekly or fortnightly

Based on the assessment from our first session, I will plan a programme focused on your needs.

Each session I will pick the climbs and exercises that are best suited to learning the relevant skills. We will progressively add difficulty and complexity until it is no longer an area of relative weakness. We can then move on to the next area of focus. 


This is similar to a weekly/fortnightly approach. To account for the longer gap between sessions, I will provide more structure to focus your personal practice. 


This is best considered a movement assessment and a point in the right direction. My aim is to give you the resources to practice and explore the relevant skills in your own time. 


get in touch if you have any questions